Environment and Sea

Environmental Education Center "Environment and Sea," Recognized by the Marche Region

Partners in Service also runs the Center for Environmental Education “Sea and Environment” (CEA) which was recognized by the Marche Region , in accordance with the Decree of the general PF director N. 31/APP 03 June 2014 - a system for regional protected areas, hiking tourism and environmental education.

What stands for C.E.A.?

CEAs are environmental education centers.

"... For teaching, knowledge is enough. But to educate, you need to live" (Alberto Hurtado)

CEAs always connect with specific local values. In order to go on with the INFEA regional system restructuring, in compliance with the Three Year Plan PTR INFEA 2011- 2013, a public call for the recognition of (CEA) was issued. 44 CEAs resulted eligible.

A brief overview of our activities:

  • Educational activities
  • Guided tours
  • Day trips
  • Eco-friendly holiday packages
  • Lessons in classroom
  • Summer Camps
  • Game Room
  • Training
  • Touristic and environmental information
  • School competitions
  • Creative workshops
  • Photo exhibitions
  • Short film shooting and screening
  • Educational campaigns