"MEET-UP AT THE GARDEN" PUBLIC CALL Regional Bylaw 21/2011. DGR 1189/2014

MEET- UP AT THE ORGANIC GARDEN” PUBLIC CALL, Regional bylaw. 21/2011. DGR 1189/2014
By means of the DGR n. 597 of 05.19.2014, the Marche Region started a social and educational initiative, called “ORTOINCONTRO” (Meet-up at the garden). The goal was to promote innovative and more sustainable lifestyles, enhance the competitiveness of local products, bring attention to ethical and environmental issues and present all the different opportunities offered by social farming as well as urban and school gardens.
The Project “MEET-UP at the organic garden” is an experiment of “social horticulture and teaching” combining the value of a garden with that of relationships and participation.
Partners in Service ltd is responsible for designing the project, managing food education and accounting for the primary school “Benedetto Croce” part of the Centobuchi I.S.C. Monteprandone (AP).
A fragrant herb garden and a little fruit garden will be added to the public space within the school, which already features an organic garden. They will be made of local plants. Moreover, we will add benches in order to make the location more comfortable and thus treat the garden as social catalyst. The garden is intended as a meeting place where children can spend some time watching and living the seasonal changes of nature. It’s a connection between two separate environments: nature and town.
Pupils of the Primary School Benedetto Croce ISC Monteprandone, are at the center of the project, with the support of teachers, parents, volunteering grandparents and city council.
The goal of the project “MEET-UPS at the organic garden” is to create a meeting point for different generations, a place to make friends, where everybody can share everyday experiences, thus a catalyst for human relationships.
During the meet-ups, we organize artistic, recreational, cultural and educational activities. One of the events is “Coffe in the garden”, where parents, grandparents and teachers will gather together with CEA experts, like the researcher Biologist Nutritionist Dr. Barbara Zambuchini and naturalist Dr. Valentina Capannelli.
Every six months (two meetings per year), they will address several issues, with an active involvement of the local community.
During the meetings, Partners in Service ltd - CEA “Environment and Sea” will be also in charge of organizing recreational, cultural and educational activities,the event “Coffe in the garden” and to announce the events beforehand.
We will arrange several promotional activities:
- Press conference for the project launch and opening of the “MEET-UPS in the organic gardens”. All citizens, local families and journalists are welcomed
- Training activities for the teachers of the School B.Croce ,which joined the project
- Creating a Facebook page of the Organic Garden in order to promote the project and create a virtual place to share experiences, open for all citizens.
- All the collected and processed material will be available on the website of ISC Monteprandone http://www.icmonteprandone.it/ .
- Prepare materials for the composter and a seasonal calendar of the species
- Organizing and advertising the event “Coffee in the Garden”.
- Organizing, promoting and advertising the 2016 Spring Fair
- Organizing the final press conference at the end of the project, to share the achievements, where all citizens, local families and journalists will be invited
Partners in Service SRLs - CEA “Environment and Sea” will also take care of all the promotion and advertising, with the goal to promote the event and to make social farming more popular