"SCHOOL GARDENS AND AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY" School year 2014-2015 Regional bylaw 12/2003, Marche Region

We took the opportunity given by the Regional Public Call “SCHOOL GARDENS AND AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY” School year 2014-2015, Regional bylaw 12/2003, to support the Primary School Nicola Gaetani Tamburini ISC Adolfo De Carolis, located in Via Pascoli, Stella di Monsampolo (AP). The initiative is aimed at protecting the genetic resource (animals and plants) of the Marche region. We supported the project, managed the organization and accounting and promoted food and environmental education.
The project “Children’s garden” wants to get children closer to a traditional, healthy lifestyle that is slowly disappearing.
Organic school gardens have an exceptional educational value, fostering an emotional bond between the child and the life of other living beings.
The organic school garden has a surface area of 20 square meters.
All the 2nd , 3d , 4th and 5th year classes of the Primary School ISC Adolfo De Carolis in Via Pascoli, Stella di Monsampolo (AP) have joined in the project, with a total of 150 pupils.
The involved teachers have backed up the ministerial program with lab activities.
In addition, the help of volunteering parents and grandparents was essential to the success of the garden.
Partners in Service ltd has supported the primary School project by providing an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at doing an in-depth analysis in classroom with CEA field experts, tackling specific issues such as Biodiversity, Organic Farming, Environmental Education, Food Education.
Lessons were held in class on issues like Biodiversity, Organic agriculture and nutrition. During lectures, children joined workshops in both classroom and garden, learning the biological processes linked with growing food. The CEA experts supervised pupils from the sowing time to all the different seasons, explaining changes, properties and the seasonality of all the vegetables.
Fun activities for children (e.g. building a scarecrow) also took place in the garden along with grandparents and parents. At the end of the year, children showed their crop to relatives and parents during a garden party with organic snacks. The event began with an opening press conference, which was attended by families, local authorities and the CEA experts who were in charge of the event.