Our ever-growing team is made up of graduates in several disciplines (chemistry, mathematics, biology, agronomy, natural sciences, engineering, business and economics, political science, etc.). Over the years, we have developed different skills, acquired new expertise, hired qualified staff and worked tirelessly to become a unique and reliable partner for every customer.

We offer all the services that companies need to manage different activities:

  • Health and safety at work, ref. Decree Law 81/08 and subsequent amendments
  • Occupational medicine ref. Decree Law 81/08 and subsequent amendments
  • Surveys and measurements ref. Decree Law 81/08 and subsequent amendments
  • Periodic checks of tools and equipment, ref. Decree Law 81/08 and subsequent amendments, and presidential decree 462/01
  • Professional training - ref. Decree Law 81/08 and state-region agreement, December 21, 2011
  • Construction site safety - ref. Decree Law 81/08 Title IV and subsequent amendments
  • Hygiene and environmental disinfection- ref. Decree Law 81/08 and subsequent amendments and HACCP
  • Pest control and prevention
  • Sampling with analytical method, chemical analysis and environmental monitoring
  • Mandatory environmental legislation, Decree 152/06 - 68/15 environmental crimes, EMAS support and registration
  • Consulting to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Certification, Environmental ISO 14001, EMAS and Safety OHSAS 18001
  • Acoustic zoning of the territory, ref law: law 447/95 and regional bylaw 28/01
  • Energy performance certificate
  • Privacy policy

 Moreover, the company performs the following activities:

  • Business sector analysis, market research and other studies, which are directly related to company activities, also strengthening business relationships
  • International marketing consulting
  • Workshops organization, participation in fair trades and events;
  • Suppliers, partners, agents, distributors search and scouting;
  • We organize business trips
  • Technical support for companies with internationalization issues (e.g. testing services, product compliance certification) information / training strictly related to internationalization issues.
  • Voluntary standards and other useful services
  • The system management of businesses and services is a fundamental element for a company's image in order to determine a value added that ensures greater credibility on the market.
  • For years, we have tested model and management systems for companies and public administrations in the field of Safety, Environment, Quality, Social Ethics and Food Hygiene.
  • Company management Systems and organizational models 231
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Systems, ISO 14001 and EMAS Environmental management systems
  • Health and Safety Management Systems in compliance with BS OHSAS 18001 regulation
  • SA 8000 Ethical Responsibility Systems
  • Labor law
  • Kinematics accident Reconstruction, procedures for occupational diseases
  • Technical and legal consulting