“Guide and support”

Company, financial and Technical-Scientific consulting.

We design and deliver Innovative Research and Development services

  • We offer advice to companies on KBBE (Knowledge Based Bio-Economy) issues and sustainable management of biological resources that increase the innovation potential in biotechnology and biochemistry, to achieve the EU-set goals such as food security and environmental impact reduction.
  • Innovative environmental services for food farming companies and fishing industries (water management, reuse of wastewater, water treatment, energy recovery and use of renewable energy).
  • Business requirements analysis.
  • Technological tools development.
  • Technological innovation studies.
  • Research and development.


Education, training and consulting 

We offer the following services to schools, businesses and public authorities:

  • Environmental design enhancement
  • Training on environmental and social sustainability issues
  • Business plans development and technical consulting to prepare a pitch
  • Local marketing and environmental communication training and support

Renewable energy 

We also deal with:

  • Training and communication to boost awareness on environmental issues, sustainable development, renewable energy;
  • Energy efficiency and development of technical and management interventions that help you make the investment, including projects to achieve green and white certificates;
  • Design and implementation of energy production system from renewable sources: photovoltaic, trigeneration plants, biomass, wind energy (systems for SMEs).

What we offer:

  • Technological Research and innovation transfer, by carrying out applied research programs and / or technological experiments on raw materials, semifinished products and so on, in partnership with universities and public research centers. 
  • Supply of innovative Environmental services for agricultural and fishing companies (Water Management, reuse of wastewater, water treatment, energy recovery and renewable energies).
  • Technological research and innovation transfer, by carrying out applied and / or technological research program for companies.
  • Innovative production processes aimed at safeguarding food safety, environmental protection and recycling to reduce environmental impact.