Development, Manufacturing and Innovation. We deal with European partnership management and research; analysis of company needs and consulting, business plan writing and feasibility study.

We provide companies and public authorities with information about the opportunities for getting local, national and European financing sources.

Non-repayable grants

The EU, Italian government, regions, provinces and chamber of commerce provide grants that often remain unused due to lack of information of technicaladministrative difficulties.

We helps companies and public authorities to get to know these grants and we deal with every step of the whole process, from the initial application until the funding is finally granted.

What we offer:

  • Analysis and selection of low-interest financing possibilities
  • Analysis of the requirements to access public calls for low interest financing
  • Support and help with the application form
  • Support and help with the final grant reporting
  • Specific staff training


After a previous feasibility study, our team, which is made up by economists, lawyers and experts in internationalization, analyzes the call for proposal, discusses it with the company and prepares the application form in such a way that the project goals are emphasized and results maximized. Our team is in charge of managing the relationship with the authorities involved, managing the required documents until the grant is approved, and, the final reporting, when required.


The company will access a specific program with adequate timeframes and scheduled follow-up, all based on an accurate feasibility study. In this way, one of our experts with be in charge of the company, to seize al the opportunities that low-interest financing is offering. This kind of contract gives the company a minimumguaranteed result.​

Have a look at the public call list we have selected for you and call us now!​

If you find a public call that suits you, do not hesitate to contact us. If you can’t find an announcement fitting your needs, call us anyway: there might be some announcements coming soon that will perfectly suit you!

A sample of our areas of focus:

  • Purchase of new machinery, furniture, plants
  • Warehouse, logistics • Purchase of computer systems and softwares
  • E-commerce, website developing
  • Technological innovation, new product development
  • Research expenses, research staff salary
  • Patent licenses, know-how and new technologies
  • Safety systems (production, offices, warehouse)
  • We buy land and build production plants
  • Quality Certification
  • Staff training, new hires and development of new business areas
  • Export, internationalization, relocation of production plants abroad
  • Joint ventures, participation in foreign companies
  • Eco-friendly production plants, systems and products
  • Trade fairs participation in Italy as well as abroad
  • Design and launch of new business enterprises and acquisition of existing ones

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